Information about the dealer database

Information about the dealer database

On this page you will find osmium dealers and processing companies.

Retailers are all affiliated to the respective state institutes. The Osmium Institutes themselves are not allowed to trade Osmium nationally or internationally. Their sole task is the introduction into the market and certification. The Osmium Institutes are not involved in any trade involving the purchase and sale of Osmium. However, they also verify the information on the osmium piece for sales.

For this reason, a large number of retailers are connected to the osmium network, where you can inspect and purchase goods. Some of them not only offer to sell but also to buy back.

On the following pages you will find retailer near your current location.

If you don't have a dealer in your direct vicinity, you will surely find an online dealer who offers Osmium. To this end, you can also find a number of Internet shops on this page which offer osmium.

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Information about the dealer database